This video does not replace real life training. Here are some hints to determine if your casualty has a Tention Pneumothorax and other considerations. To determine if your casualty has a tension Pneumothorax check for these indications! – mechanisms of injury. IE a blast or GSW. -decreased or absent breath sounds on the affected side. -absent radial pulse. -Tracheal deviation. Sealing the decompression needle with a chest seal is not Nessessary but it needs to be secured with tape.

Make sure you check the patients back for any exit wounds or additional thoracic injuries.

If patient is unconscious place in the recovery position INJURED SIDE DOWN.

Needle decompression is not end care your patient needs a chest tube.

The catheter may become blocked or clogged with blood leave the catheter in place and insert additional catheters beside the ones already placed. Be sure to only insert additional needles distal (further from) to the patients sternum.

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